Why does vulnerability matter?

Vulnerability matters. It increases the depth and quality of connections that we create. The act of being vulnerable requires us to connect in to ourselves; we come to know more intimately our deepest desires and feelings. As we share with and open to another, we then come to know ourselves.

Hilary JacksonWhy does vulnerability matter?

The Joy of Grief

I’m driving at 110kms along the Auckland motorway. I’m punching the empty passenger seat beside me, hitting the steering wheel. This is probably not a great thing to be doing. Tears run down my face and I’m growling, sometimes wailing. I feel as angry as hell. Thankfully my exit is dead ahead and I’m actually going to need to slow down. And, what’s so wonderful is that I haven’t felt this close to my sister in years. The motorway trip I just described took place on the 19th of October …

Hilary JacksonThe Joy of Grief