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I have known and followed Hilary Jackson since her days as the publisher of the wildly popular Labour of Love website nearly 15 years ago. In the years since, I have continued to be grateful for her passion, encouragement and wise guidance for parents who leave the comfort and conformity of convention for a needed and new story of family. Kindred is grateful for her contributions and I am honored to call Hilary my friend and ally.
Lisa Reagan¬†–¬†Executive Editor, Kindred Magazine

Hilary is a writer of great depth and feeling with a voice that should be heard by more of us. She has a natural caring approach to subjects and chooses topics close to the core human experience to write about. I can recommend her work to anyone looking for a kind yet authoritative writer to tackle the big thoughts and feelings that are part and parcel of a modern existence. Her thoughts and ideas are very definitely her own and she will stand by her position with equal parts reason and devotion.
Wayne Webb – SmallWorlds

Honest, open and natural, but mainly honest. That’s what I like about Hilary’s work. She writes as though she’s talking to you. She’s your friend, your mother; your listening ear. Her warmth, kindness and intelligence shines through in her writing and her ideas are full of love and hope for humanity, but especially for children.
Hannah, Publisher – The Natural Parent Magazine

Hilary has a real ability to capture exactly what it is that I need to say in words with such precision, that sometimes it feels as though she has reached into my mind, grabbed hold of the most important bits, and written them down. When I need help clarifying and polishing up a piece, she’s always my go-to person.
Paula Law – Business Development Consultant, Lexel Project Services

Hilary writes with such passion and honesty that she takes the reader to new places of thought and action in their own lives.
Lynda Davenport – Facial Radiance Practitioner

Hilary JacksonFan Mail: My Writing

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  1. star jackson

    WOW HILARY!!!!, You have done an AWESOME job with your work I’m not a parent myself but….WOW!!!!!

    From Star Teremoana Jackson

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