Love Letters: Parenting Mentor

Your perspective is valuable and real. No matter what the topic of discussion, our interactions always propel me forward, feeling enlightened, understood, confident, and ready to take the next step!
Michelle M, Michigan

Hilary has an amazing ability to put life struggles into a perspective that brings you forward in your search for solutions, and also helps you in your understanding of why you are where you are. She brings a very grounding sense of being human to whatever you are working with, and I love her gentle yet spot on and direct approach, not to mention a great sense of humor, that makes you breathe more easily”.
– Tine Landy, Bristol, UK

Hilary has been a invaluable guide for me, asking me some extremely profound questions, bringing me more confidence and clarity. She supports my evolution with intelligence, compassion and deep intuition.
– Louise S, Darwin, Australia

I am deeply touched by your time, commitment, and vulnerable expression. You are quick to shoot right to empathy. Your expression and response feels geniune, soulful and deeply nurturing. I am a huge fan of your candid sharing and raw vulnerability. I have gleaned heaps and heaps from your beautiful energy. You are a blessing. Xoxo
– Tonia Schemmel, Washington State

You have added so much to my journey as an initially fearful and very cautious person and parent. Your trust and compassion combined with your experience and your genuine and caring words seemed to turn what I saw as dire into opportunity, possibility and finally acceptance. You are an experienced parent with a wide range of ages of your kiddos who has shared openly both joys and sorrows as they happened. Your reflections, your ability to be at ease with yourself and put others at ease and to feel embraced is wonderful. Your words, concepts, and how you have shown compassion and self-compassion particularly as you have reminded all of us that we weren’t meant to do this alone has helped me when I cannot see my way.
– Krista L, San Diego

You certainly have added to my sense of community. I knew so few people that parented the way I aspired to and that I could speak to without worrying about being judged. So thanks again darlin’ 🙂
– Marlisse B, California

You have been an invaluable source in helping me look at myself and my parenting in a new way. I was stuck in the “parenting is hard” rut. I had this illusion that doing inner work and finding the answers within myself had to be this hard and painful process. You’ve helped me see that this is not the case. A lot of the answers present themselves in the everyday things that we find joy in. You’ve presented information and insight in a way that is easy to digest. I especially love how you pose questions to help me look deeper inside myself to get clear about what I want.
~ Johnni F, Southern California

What you say always feels real and genuine, which I really appreciate. You also have the perspective of a mom who has tried to “do it all” for your kids and has seen how that has worn you thin and been hard for your kids too. As a mom of a young child who was (and is) still often trying to be a village for my child, I really appreciate your encouragement to really take care of myself and seek fulfillment in all areas of my life- not just parenting. I am encouraged by your work and look forward to reading more from you.
– Rachael K, 

Hilary JacksonLove Letters: Parenting Mentor

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