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There’s nothing like parenting to take you on the ride of your life.

Some parents might even tell you that they’ve had enough now and that it’s time to get off. ūüôā

Here’s what we know, you and I.

We’ve both had those moments with our children that are so heartstoppingly beautiful that it’s can be hard to find words to even describe them. And nor do we even need to find those words. In this moment, if we were sitting opposite one another we would share a look of knowing about all that.

We know that we’ve¬†experienced it all. The parent we want to be – the beauty. The parent we wish we were not – the beast.

I’m not here to talk about the beauty…

Beauty is easy. When you’re in it.

It’s always there… but sometimes beauty gets hidden in the myriad of reactions we have to the chaos of life that whirls around us.

You know what it’s like… reaction after reaction coming up. Do you wonder why you have the specific reactions you do? I wonder about that all the time. The specific things that we react to are very individual to us. And our reactions place us in a prison of our own making.

Here’s a few more questions you might like:

  • What drives you? Fundamentally?
  • Why do you hold the values and beliefs you do? Did you really “choose” them?
  • Where do the choices you make and the actions you take spring from?
  • What’s true/authentic you and what’s false/constructed you?
  • And, what might you choose to let go of?

I’m not here to talk about the beauty because we don’t generally seek support when we are in touch with the beauty.

The hard stuff is a message that things needthat we need support to sit into ourselves in the hard places. as uncomfortable as they are, its good for us to hang out in the hard places so we can learn stuff.

I’m not interested in telling you how to parent your kids.

What I’m interested in is YOU.

I love to unpack and examine my own personal experience of parenting as a way of finding my way back to myself.

When I can be that (real me), it’s the greatest gift I can give to my kids. Me, with no lies.

Lies can be unquestioned values and beliefs. Autopilot. Being asleep to yourself.

Show your kids a version of adult life thats worth aspiring to…

Would your childhood have been happier if your parents had taken the time to find out what made them happy, and taken better care of themselves?

It’s a Yes. Of course it’s a yes.

Being who you really are will make you feel happier. You’ll enjoying being a parent more. You’ll enjoy life more.

You’ll be a better parent when you can be more of who you are.

Transformational Conversations…

There are lots of different forms that transformational conversations manifest in… and having the courage to explore the times when we slip up, f**k up, mess up, when we feel disconnected from ourselves is a powerful type. Being able to sit into these times, and enquire into “whats going on” beyond the reaction provides us with vital clues along the pathway to our own discovery. ¬†It provides us with a road to freedom.

And we can come to see that there is beauty, even in the hard places. Because if we can look there, we can transform.

If you’d like to travel a while with me at your side, please contact me.¬†And, if you’d like to read some short love letters from people who have worked with me,¬†read this.

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