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Words, writing and me. We go way back.

Here’s some example’s of some words I’ve thrown together in a variety of different ways…

Hilary Jackson in Idealog Magazine

1 – Building Communities through Gamification

2 – Rush Digital: All Aboard the Mobile Rocketship

3 – Sparx: Beating Real World Depression Virtually

Hilary Jackson in NZ Natural Parenting Magazine

All the following articles were originally printed in NZ Natural Parenting Magazine & reproduced on Kindred Community

They will ALL make you think, guaranteed 🙂

The Joy of Grief

Grownups and their Double Standards

Parenting Like an Ordinary Human

Staying connected when you don’t want to be

On being 5 Reporters at once: The SmallWorlds Chronicle…

2008-2013 I worked for SmallWorlds – a world-leading 3D Virtual World based in Auckland which has a global player audience of 10 million plus registered users.

As part of my role as co-editor, I ‘ghost-wrote’ for a myriad of different fictional reporter/characters for The SmallWorlds Chronicle. I was variously Kent Kronkite (a 1950’s styled reporter), Honesty Blaize (a more modern efficient and devoted newshound), Johnny Wilde (sports reporter), Coco SmallWorlds (style and fashion editor) and Ruby Rush (art and creativity reporter). Each character had their own distinct personality and I infused their pieces with their unique style and vibe. 3 of 4 articles per week would encompass sales of virtual goods, marketing and PR pieces, community activities, HQ staff and player interviews, game updates / change management.

On being Ruby Rush – Community Manager at SmallWorlds…

Ruby and I had an awesome time together writing all kinds of stuff for SmallWorlds.

Player advocate & representative of the population of SmallWorlds – Ruby was known as SmallWorlds Guardian Angel. We ran loads of contests (movie, digital art). We wrote lots of stuff together for First Post (which is what the SmallWorlds Chronicle morphed into) and were in regular direct communication with the community on the forums. Spreading lurve whenever we could. Seriously.  Most of our writing was community focussed, although we also wrote marketing & PR pieces, change management stuff, software update announcements etc. Ruby and I were nothing if not flexible. Which leads me to making the confession that actually, I in fact WAS Ruby: she-is-me… in blonde dreads.

Other Stuff…

I’ve been writing all my life. I could bore you with a big long list of places I’ve worked, link you to more stuff I’ve written, etc etc ad infinitum. But I feel like I’ve said enough.

I’ve written a lot, in a heap of different styles. Business writing, academic writing, poetry. I had my own parenting education website for 4 years. Friends and colleagues come to me to help them polish stuff up.

I like to work with words.



Hilary JacksonSee my work…

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