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In addition to writing articles that get people thinking, parent mentoring and being a writer-for-hire, Hilary has some other cool projects she’s working on that will be bearing exotic and interesting fruit in the near future…

The Nuclear Family Survival Guide – Surviving the nuclear family disaster!

Parenting young children at Midlife: An exploration into parenting young children whilst simultaneously negotiating the midlife transition. It’s enough to send any woman just a little bit crazy? Click here to read an article I wrote which speaks to these issues…

Nobotoxrevolution – Where I volunteer to join the ranks of ‘poster-women for facial lines’. Celebrating ageing naturally (disclaimer: does not include hair colouring… just being 100% honest here about my own hypocrisy)

BeOrdinary – The Manifesto of Ordinary. Embracing ordinariness as a pathway to real contentment. Totally mindbending, right? I mean, aren”t we all supposed to be extraordinary? Well the answer is no… and yes. And the order of those two is all-important 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about any of these projects, please contact Hilary direct on hilary@hilaryjackson.co.nz

Hilary JacksonSpecial Projects

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