Who is Hilary?

2012-04-11 at 01.03.18.jpg | Flickr - Photo Sharing!-1She’s warm and funny and loves to talk to people. And write.

She thinks red and turquoise look amazing together (because they do).

Her favourite kinds of people to hang with are smart, funny and deep; and her secret wish is that others describe her in this way.

And she likes to write.

And think.

And question.

She loves to notice ordinary human experiences and write about these in ways that will get you thinking. You can check out some of her most recent articles here.

Hilary’s background is varied and includes social and business research, change management, communications, marketing, life coaching, parent education & mentoring, and actually being a parent to her two sons (20 and 11) and one daughter (8).

She holds a BA in Education, a Grad Dip in Psychosocial Studies and is a 6 yr student of the Diamond Approach. In 2014, she’s begun studying to become a Counselling Psychologist.

She attends regular worship at the shrines of coriander, shiraz, and spicy food.

(….it feels a little unusual to speak of me in the third person like that…. 🙂

Get in touch with Hilary

Email: hilary (at) hilaryjackson.co.nz
Mobile: +64 021 438455
Post: P O Box 60-196, Auckland, New Zealand
Visit: Call first, I’m a shifting target. (Oh and if you’re bringing coffee: flat white, one sugar)

Hilary JacksonWho is Hilary?

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  1. Star Teremoana Jackson

    Wow Hilary/mum you have an amazing life with fun and great things I am so glad to be part of your life!

  2. Blue Man

    My profound experience with Hilary to date is best summed up in a poem.

    All is perfect
    All is true
    All is love
    All is you

    It is beautiful to witness a woman in her true feminine , a rare thing indeed.

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